Staircase – Gallery of Victimisers

The hallway is lined with pictures of the two repressive regimes' yes-men and stooges: Arrow Cross and communist leaders, ÁVO-men and Arrow Cross shock-troopers. Perpetrators are all those, who took an active part in establishing and maintaining the two Hungarian totalitarian terror regimes (Arrow Cross and communist), as well as those, who held responsible positions in the executive organs of these two regimes. The majority of these people served or held responsible positions in organizations where crimes against humanity and war crimes were committed, acts which were incompatible even with their own legal systems. The perpetrators either took part in such crimes, or gave orders for their implementation, or sanctioned such decisions, or supported them as instigators. Their behaviour during their earlier or subsequent careers does not absolve them from personal responsibility.

With especial regard to the members and officeholders of the following organizations:

Hungarian Arrow Cross Party - Hungarist Movement: members of the district staff and higher ranking office-holders.
Hungarian Arrow Cross Party - Hungarist Movement: armed shock-troopers
Members of the National Retribution Organ (A sort of Arrow Cross political police) Members of the Szálasi government
The National Leader´s Working Staff
The permanent staff of the Political Police Department
The permanent staff of the ÁVO
The permanent staff of the ÁVH
Members of the MKP, MDP and MSZMP (1945-1961)
Ministers of Justice (1945-1961)
Head of the MDP´s Administrative Department (1950-1961)
Presidents of the Supreme Court (1945-1961)
Chief Prosecutors (1945-1961)