Passage of the Hungarian Nazis (Arrowcross Party)

On the wall we can see Ferenc Szálasi's "Report to the Nation", which he published after the putsch of October 1944. Opposite is an Arrow Cross poster, and next to it a photo showing the exhumation of the victims of the Maros Street mass murder. (Armed units of the 12th district Arrow Cross organization massacred Jewish patients and staff of the Maros-street hospital.) A frieze of Arrow Cross insignia frames the walls of the corridor, similarly to the way they were used as decorations in the "House of Loyalty".

On March 18, 1944, Hitler ordered Miklós Horthy to Germany and took advantage of the regent´s absence to give the order to occupy Hungary. The country entered a tragic situation. The new leadership turned over the Hungarian Jews in the countryside to the Nazis´ murderous racial and religious hatred. Almost all those more than four hundred thousands who were deported, perished.

At the end of the summer of 1945, it became obvious that Nazi Germany had lost the war. The Allied forces were pushing from the West and East. On August 28th, Horthy removed the head of the collaboration government and his right-hand man, Lakatos, was made the Prime Minister. He was given the responsibility to prepare Hungary for her exit from the war. A delegation was sent to Moscow to set the conditions for an armistice. In a radio address on October 15th, Horthy announced that Hungary requested an armistice. The Nazis however, thwarted the poorly prepared move, and Horthy was taken prisoner.  Szálasi´s Arrowcross movement came to power.

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