Why Britain needs a museum of communist terror

2016. március 5.

The journalist of Spectator magazine was inspired by his visit to Budapest to bring up the idea of a London museum presenting the crimes of communism.

James Bartholomew was highly impressed by his visit to the House of Terror and according to his account, facing the crimes of communism was a powerful emotional experience.

„I learned many things I did not know. From Hungary, 600,000 people were taken to work camps in the Soviet Union and half did not return, dying of maltreatment and starvation. There were videos of some of the survivors talking about the horrific way in which they were treated. Of course, I had heard about the millions of deaths that took place in the Soviet Union at the hands of Stalin. Since I have returned, I have discovered that there were mass deaths across the Eastern bloc.”he commented in his article.

Bartholomew emphasized that there would be a great need for creating a London House of Terror; since, unlike Hungarians, the British are often inclined to forget that the communist ideology inflicted so many casualties. Moreover, the youngest generations know nothing about all this.

According to the journalist there is no room for delay in the matter: ”For me, the video testimony of survivors was the most powerful exhibit in Budapest. Such testimony needs to be gathered from around the world while those affected are still alive. In order to put together such exhibits we would need major donors. And the need for this is pressing. If we do not create it, all this will be forgotten.” - Bartholomew concludes in his article.