The House of Terror is on the list of the coolest places of Budapest

2016. március 11.

According to the compilation of the Evening Standard the House of Terror Museum is one of the reasons why tourists should visit Budapest in 2016.

The London Evening Standard has compiled the list of the ten coolest sights in Budapest in their article “10 reasons why you should visit Budapest in 2016”. The House of Terror Museum has also been featured in this list as one of must-sees. 

As they note, the museum is housed in 60 Andrassy Street, a neo-Renaissance mansion, which served as headquarters for the Arrow Cross Party and later the Communist secret police and it commemorates the bloody atrocities of those very ideologies which had expropriated the building.

According to the article of the Evening Standard, although the museum is a terrifying experience it is an obligatory one as it will help the visitors understand Budapest's and Hungary’s chequered 20th century history.

Beside our museum in the “10 reasons why you should visit Budapest in 2016” the Szechenyi Thermal Baths is featured as well as the oldest metro in Europe, the Millennium Underground, which operates right under the street next to our museum.