Free for the First Time is closing on May 1st

2016. április 22.

Our temporary exhibition Free for the First Time is closing on May 1st. The exhibition, which has been open to visitors since last June, commemorates the first free elections in Hungary in 1990.

The exhibition recalls the euphoric mood and the high hopes and expectations which characterized the time of the first free parliamentary elections.

Not only the 1990 campaign slogans have been included in the exhibition but the spontaneous campaign tricks as well. The temporary exhibition portrays the colourful world of posters, leaflets, flags and other campaign accessories. The wisecracks and memorable phrases of the most important political figures have been collected and the most emblematic campaign videos and newsreels have been included as well.

Witnesses of the time evoke the major events of the regime change and talk about their memories and tell stories related to the elections on TV screens of the time. We have also included a jukebox in the exhibition with over a hundred of hits from the time / 90’. The six elected Members of Parliament are presented on a touchscreen and how the elections were taking place in other countries of the region. We have also intended to emphasize the key role of József Antall, the first freely elected prime minister after the regime change.