Huge interest at open house event

2015. október 24.

Visitors queued endlessly to see the House of Terror this year due to the open day to commemorate 23rd October. Admission to both the temporary and the permanent exhibition was free.

As Gábor Tallai the Programme Director of the museum reported to MTI nearly ninety minutes after opening at 10 a.m. the number of visitors had reached one thousand. The queue of people waiting for admission was reaching up to Aradi street. He added that the total number of visitors on an open day ranges from five to eight thousand and on an average day it normally exceeds 1500 people. According to Gábor Tallai this remarkably great interest is due to the fact that the Revolution of 1956 begins to take its due place in the national remembrance by now. He emphasized that the proportion of young people is quite high in the number of visitors, in his experience they turn towards the history of the time with great interest.

On the occasion of the national holiday not only the permanent but the temporary exhibition Free for the first time, which is about the first free Hungarian elections held in 1989, was open to visitors for free. The documentary Play Your Own Game 1956, directed by Ferenc Török, was shown several times throughout the day. As Gábor Tallai added, the documentary reports the events of 1956 through the life story of Ferenc Puskás in a way that it is easily accessible and comprehensible for young people.

The open-air exhibition titled Doomed to the fate of slaves, which commemorates the approximately seven hundred thousand Hungarians deported to the Gulag, can be seen until the end of October in front of the House of Terror. Moreover, Károly Ócsai’s mock-up plaster statue titled Népfelkelések könyve (the book of Landsturm), which can be seen on the third floor of the museum until the 3rd November.