Human rights activist imprisoned by Fidel Castro paying a visit to the House of Terror Museum

2016. május 24.

Oscar Biscet, the Cuban Nobel prize nominee doctor who visited the House of Terror Museum with his wife, had been sentenced to 25 years in prison by Fidel Castro’s communist dictatorship.

This time our museum was visited by someone who came from a country where people are still bound by the shackles of communism.  Oscar Biscet, a highly acknowledged human rights activist, was sentenced to twenty-five years of imprisonment in Castro’s dictatorship. The Nobel Prize nominee doctor and physicist was invited to Hungary by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and during his stay he visited the House of Terror with his wife Elsa Morejón, a Cuban human rights activist. Our two Cuban guests said the following regarding our museum:

"I was deeply moved by seeing all the terrors committed by communism. These could only have taken place by degrading people and depriving them of their dignity and human values, for instance their freedom.

I had to endure inhuman treatment, torture, unlawful imprisonment, but still it was nothing compared to what the Hungarians had to suffer under Stalinism. When I am thinking of returning home to the communist Cuba, and there is the possibility that I would have to go through all this again, I feel its deep anguish. Nevertheless, I will have to go back to my home country so that the inhuman miscarriages of justice may come to an end. Your country’s resistance comes to my mind as an example and gives me strength to fight for the freedom of my country until we eventually succeed.

As a result, Cuba will be a free country one day.

Thank you for your outstanding example of human values.

Dr. Óscar Elías Biscet

19 May 2016


"To the people of Hungary

I am from the from the island of the communist Cuba and I personally experienced, as well as my family, the horrors the Cuban political police committed, that is why I believe that one day, when my homeland finally breaks free, a similar museum should be created, not only to inform people about the injustices committed by dictatorships, but for educational purposes as well, in order to reveal the truth and not allow similar regimes come to life again in this world. I am truly grateful and I wish you to continue to serve as an example to the world in the fight against dictatorships

Sincerely yours,

Elsa Morejón

Cuban human rights activist,

Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet’s wife

May 19 2016