Paul Johnson’s book titled Modern Times is available again in Hungarian translation

2016. április 22.

The outstanding book of the British historian, which provides a comprehensive picture of the 20th century, has been republished in Hungarian translation.

The renowned author, who is also well-known in Hungary, has summarized the experiences of his forty previous books in Modern Times. There is an immense collection of historical, political, cultural historical, sociological and literary influences in this massive book, which can be used as a handbook. As the author put it in the foreword of the Hungarian translation: “the future will always be a mystery, therefore we mustn’t forget anything from the things the 20th century had taught us”.

According to Johnson's theory modern times have begun after the First World War, in the 1920s, when Einstein’s theory of relativity turned the world upside down. The Century of Progress replaced religion with technological innovation and “all the false and true prophets, innocent daydreamers and dangerous idealists got a free ride on this express train”. 

The Modern Times analyses the key events of the century, with special regard to how totalitarian regimes work, how the Bolshevik and the fascist political systems evolved. Johnson does not restrict his study to Europe: he devotes a separate analysis to the United States and its role in in European politics, but neither the African nor the Asian changes are exempt from his work. 

The Modern Times is highly informative, but due to its readable style it is an enjoyable reading. The ones who read this book carefully and patiently, may relate to the 21st century more responsibly than before.

The book can be purchased at bookstore.