The Programme Office of the Memorial Year of the 1956 Revolution expects thousands of proposals

2016. március 7.

The Programme Office of the Memorial Year of the 1956 Revolution expects thousands of proposals to be submitted in order to apply for financial support in the tendering procedure providing funds for commemorations and programmes – explained Gábor Tallai, the Program Director of the House of Terror Museum.

According to him the sixtieth anniversary provides an excellent opportunity to recall the spirit of 1956, the Public Endowment for the Research on Eastern and Central European History and Society, which manages the museum, is the central operating structure of tendering, which published the call for tenders on the day the government decision was made, at the end of January.

Initially, 30-40 applications arrived a week, currently the same amount is submitted daily – remarked Gábor Tallai and added that the applications are examined on an on-going basis. Its aim is to help communities discover their own heroes of 1956, to research them, evoke them and their memory including those who took part in the revolution and freedom fight in any way. –he commented.

Gábor Tallai noted that in 1956 more than two thousand people took up arms, but there were even more unknown heroes who provided supplies for them, fed, nursed and hid them. We hardly know anything about these people similarly to those who helped the 200 thousand refugees to a new beginning; the aim of the Memorial Year is to make them recognized and known.

The Program Director revealed the following details about the six tenders: one of the invitations named after István Angyal is for proposals which exceed the five million forints of funding, the one with Imre Sinkovits’s name is calling for theatrical performances and events, the one bearing Peter Mansfeld’s name supports the writing of scientific, awareness-raising or literary works, whereas in the one which goes by the name of Vilmos Zsigmond, support for documentaries and scripts for documentaries may be given.

He also announced that there is a separate tender for creating a so called “büszkeségpont”, a monument or memorial for the local heroes and freedom fighters and there is another one for ruin pubs, as they are increasingly popular among foreigners, to evoke the spirit of ’56 in several ways, by mini exhibitions, with authentic clothing for the staff or menus dedicated to the period.

The public tenders are available at