Free for the First Time is closing on May 1st

Our temporary exhibition Free for the First Time is closing on May 1st. The exhibition, which has been open to visitors since last June, commemorates the first free elections in Hungary in 1990.

2016. április 22.

A 1956 Revolutionary flag has been donated to the House of Terror Museum

Another precious item has been added to our collection and the donor shared its history with us.

2016. április 18.

Imre Kertesz dies at 86

By Imre Kertész’s death, one of the greatest Hungarian authors has passed away. Our director-general, Mária Schmidt talked about the life and work of the author of Sorstalanság (Fateless) on Szemtől szembe on Magyar Televízió (the Hungarian Television).

2016. április 1.

George W. Bush's former presidential speechwriter visited our museum

David Frum Canadian-American neoconservative political commentator and his wife have recently been to Budapest and have visited the House of Terror Museum.

2016. március 25.

Marianna Fekete, our coordinating director was honoured

The coordinating director of the House of Terror Museum was awarded the civil division of the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary for her outstanding work.

2016. március 16.