"I was blown away by breadth of history that is encapsulated in three floors"

2017. augusztus 18.

Justin Theroux visited the House of the Terror Museum. The American actor currently shooting in Hungary has spoken to us about his experiences in our museum.

What made you decide to visit the House of Terror?

It was one of the first places recommended to me. The museum that you have to see was the Museum of Terror. So I decided to come here.

Did you have any preconceived ideas of what you were going to see here and did the experience eventually match the first ideas?

I didn’t, I actually thought it was more of a Holocaust memorial and I was blown away by breadth of history that is encapsulated in three floors essentially. I didn’t know that there was going to be such an in depth history, obviously aspects of World War II to the invasion of the Soviets and the Revolution and all that. It is much broader and of course it includes the Holocaust, but I was unaware of the extent of which the Soviets punished Hungarian people.

I didn’t even know what the building was, that the museum used to serve as the headquarters of two totalitarian regimes and didn’t know anything about the Arrow Cross and how the country was folded into the Soviet Union.

What was the most moving part for you in the exhibition?

Obviously the basement. It’s the most visually gripping part and the elevator right down where they described the execution. Also the part where they talk about deportations and gulags.