Our Heroes 1956 – Roma Freedom Fighters


A new temporary exhibition entitled Our Heroes 1956 – Roma Freedom Fighters is opening in the House of Terror Museum compiled from the photographs the Kossuth Prize-winning artist and painter István Szentandrássy. The exhibition will be open to visitors from the last weekend of Advent, 21st December 2019 to 19 January 2020.

The Hungarian Post issued a series of memorial stamps in 2018 from István Szentandrássy’s paintings kept in the House of Terror Museum, on the occasion of the International Roma Day. The stamps were presented in the House of Terror Museum.

At the presentation of the stamp series in 2018 István Szentandrássy said that he can only recommended it to everyone to creatively deal with serious topics such as the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight so that they can face themselves in the making. „And then it will have something to do with what we call motherland.” The Kossuth Prize-winning artist pointed it out that the heroes of 1956, the average people, the teachers, the workers, the students had shown that Hungary had reclaimed the right to be free, free of any form of oppression. 

The paintings of Roma Freedom Fighters will be exhibited in the House of Terror Museum until 19th January 2020, admission is free of charge.

The curator of the exhibition: Mária Schmidt
Interior design: Réka Pintér
Graphic design: Tamás Péter Takács