The Birth of a New World – 1918-1923

Schmidt, Mária

Schmidt, Mária: The Birth of a New World – 1918-1923

The global conflagration that erupted in 1914 exploded the old world and opened the way to a new, unprecedentedly cruel era – the 20th century. Early attempts to interpret the Great War described it as a clash between good and evil. That narrative is still shared by many. Mária Schmidt’s wide-ranging analysis attempts to transcend these diametrically-opposed explanations of the war. With a mere 100 years of hindsight, we can say that this book marks a real beginning. It will serve as a reference for many future studies.

Public Foundation for Research on Central and Eastern European History and Society, Budapest, 2019.
156 pages
ISBN 978-615-5118-86-9
2700 HUF


Publisher: Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society


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